T-Mobile US targeted customers seeking annual phone upgrades with a premium tariff it stated costs the same or less than rivals Verizon and AT&T charge for three lines.

The operator’s Go5G Next plan offers an upgrade after customers pay off half of the balance of their previous phones.

T-Mobile stated almost 10 per cent of its customers report getting a new phone every year is a major priority.

The operator unveiled Go5G Plus in April, under the premise customers wanted 24-month device payment plans. At the time, analysts noted the smartphone replacement cycle in the US averaged around three years.

A single Go5G Next line costs $100, compared with $85 AT&T charges for a comparable tariff and Verizon’s $80 monthly fee.

T-Mobile’s newest tariff will be available 24 August.

On its Q2 earnings call, a T-Mobile executive said more than 60 per cent of new post-paid customers had signed up to the Go5G Plus plans.