Future opportunities for mobile network operators are likely to come from the link between mobile devices, 5G and digital services, according to GSMA Intelligence research which reveals that 5G users are more interested in adding digital services and entertainment content to their mobile contracts than 4G users.

Customers no longer place the same emphasis on the speed and network stability of their operator, although price remains a constant priority. Instead, they have increasing interest in the operator’s brand, the product fit with their needs and customer service.

This whitepaper explains the importance of Customer Value Management (CVM), a methodology that enables a business to accurately understand what constitutes value for customers and allows performance to be measured against competitors. The principle is based on customers’ priorities when purchasing a product or service. Typically, the first consideration is what value it brings to them and this is more important than the desire or empathy they have for it and their loyalty to the brand or price.

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