Verizon unveiled a batch of human-assisted generative AI (GenAI) applications designed to improve its customer service operations, which includes a tool to pair subscribers with the best-suited customer care representative.

The operator noted the new tools included a human element in the resolution loop to find the best available answers for customer issues.

Its Fast Pass tool uses AI to determine which support team can resolve a customer’s specific problem by “making the best human” connection.

Verizon claims it saves time by appointing the correct representative instead of passing customers from one agent to the next.

The company’s Personal Research Assistant helps the frontline teams review thousands of resources with the aim of providing employees with the information needed to resolve problems quickly and accurately.

It is also employing AI to analyse customer profiles to help its employees get a head start on identifying who subscribers are and why they may be calling.

By running its existing AI-based personal shopper and personal problem solver platforms in the background, it claims to have cut customer transactions time down by two to four minutes.

Verizon is also using AI to provide customers with offers and plans that are unique to them. AI proactively identifies new tariffs, product offers and service upgrades that customers may be looking for.