PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation in collaboration with Tashkent University of Information Technologies (TUIT), has announced the opening of the joint smart classroom. The project aims to promote the exchange of high-quality educational resources and deepen the digital transformation of education through more advanced teaching platforms and innovative teaching methods, jointly exploring new models for talent cultivation in the era of digital intelligence.

For a long time, ZTE and TUIT have been continuously focusing on nurturing ICT talents and deepening cooperation in the fields of joint teaching, technology transfer, professional and non-professional skills training, and talent recruitment. Through the integration of information technology and educational concepts, the smart classroom will provide teachers and students with a more modern, personalized and interactive learning environment to nurture young and creative personnel in the era of digitalization. Currently, the smart classroom has been applied for professional ICT knowledge learning and for technical discussions between enterprises and university experts.

In recent years, ZTE has proactively adapted to the trends of globalization and technological innovation by exploring innovative models for cultivating international talents. This includes fostering collaboration with educational institutions worldwide through initiatives such as establishing joint innovation labs, hosting academic seminars, and engaging in joint teaching programs. These efforts have led to the creation of a new, innovative educational environment. As the largest professional university in the field of telecommunications and information technology in Central Asia, TUIT is dedicated to building an international education system for highly qualified ICT talents.

The cooperation between ZTE and TUIT is a significant initiative in practicing innovative educational concepts, implementing advanced scientific and technical projects, and deepening the digital transformation of education. It serves as a model for the deep integration of enterprises and universities, laying a solid foundation for the development of innovative talents.

As part of the “Digital Uzbekistan 2030” strategy, ZTE will continue collaborating with customers and partners to drive forward digital development. The company aims to promote the application of innovative technologies such as 5G and strengthen talent development in the ICT field, thereby assisting people in extensively integrating into the digital world.