Oppo revealed an ambition to be the leading smartphone brand in Latin America, as it announced its entry into Chile and Colombia following a launch in Mexico during 2020.

The company’s president for LatAm Figo Zhang unveiled the ambitious long-term target in a statement announcing availability in the new markets, noting it was confident of its prospects given success in Mexico.

Oppo’s Mexican move was its first in the region and formed part of broader global ambitions.

It cited a “promising future in both the economic and technological development of the Latin American market” as a factor in its plans to “continue to invest in the region, widening access” to its products and services.

Since its launch in 2009, Oppo has established an official presence in more than 40 markets with around 80 operator partnerships in place.

Earlier this year, Counterpoint Research placed the brand at the top of the market in its home country of China for the first time, while analyst companies ranked it in the top five for global shipments for Q1 in figures released over the last two weeks.