Apple reportedly has eyes on launching its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset in February 2024 after ramping up production over the past several weeks, in what has been tipped to be its most complex product unveiling to date.

Bloomberg sources revealed production of the $3,500 headset is now running at full speed at manufacturing facilities in China, while the company has informed developers to prepare for the launch by testing apps and tools on the device.

It appears Apple has solved previous production issues, after the Financial Times reported earlier this year it had hit snags resulting in it scaling back targets for the amount of units it planned to release.

As Apple’s first major product launch since its foray into smartwatches in 2015, the rollout will require a new sales strategy and it is also planning something of a revamp for its retail stores to make room for inventory and new fixtures.

With a requirement to provide a number of headset sizes and with it being a relatively new technology, Apple will also need to ensure it has more storage space and a demonstration area at its retail outlets.

In preparation, the company is sending some of its retail staff to its headquarters for training on how to use the device, where they will learn how the Vision Pro functions and what features to push to potential customers.

However, sources added Apple is planning a relatively muted release compared to its other big launches, mainly because Vision Pro will initially only be available in the US and due to its hefty price tag.