Oppo called on Nokia to end a long-running patent dispute after a Chinese court put a cap on the royalty rate IP owners can charge handset makers for 5G technologies, Yicai Global reported.

A court in Chongqing supported an Oppo proposal to reduce the rate for fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory licensing of technologies spanning 2G to 5G, setting the rate for essential next-generation patents in China at 4.31 per cent to 5.27 per cent.

In its case filed against Nokia, Oppo claimed the company charged 6.82 per cent.

The ruling means Oppo must pay for the entire unlicensed period it used Nokia’s technology.

Nokia stated the impact of decision is limited to China and courts outside the country confirmed Oppo is violating its commitments as a user of its technology, Yicai Global wrote.

The vendor filed lawsuits against Oppo in a number of European countries in 2021.

In 2022, a German court backed Nokia in a dispute with Oppo over a Wi-Fi patent.