Nokia unveiled a software product it claimed would be the first implementation of a GSMA platform contributing to the organisation’s Open Gateway API initiative and simplify the creation of services for consumer, enterprise and industrial users.

The vendor’s Network Exposure Platform aims to increase the number of APIs service providers can access and simplify deployment. Nokia stated it uses the GSMA Operator Platform, a common set-up operators can use to deliver various interfaces.

Nokia added its software will also be compatible with initiatives including CAMARA from the Linux Foundation and the TM Forum Open API programme, along with edge-based and other interfaces involved in “connecting networks securely to a broader B2B digitalisation” field.

The vendor designed the platform to work alongside its network exposure function, a 3GPP-compliant, cloud-based API-exposure product focused on revenue generation which aligns with the GSMA Open Gateway initiative.

Shkumbin Hamiti, head of network monetisation platform for Cloud and Network Services at Nokia, said an ongoing and “collaborative effort” is needed to enable access to the capabilities of 4G and 5G networks.

Nokia explained opening access to the deep functionality in networks using APIs enables application developers to create new use cases. Its platform provides a “unified, scalable and secure” place for operators to offer that access.

Operators have been quick to rally around the GSMA Open Gateway initiative since it was launched during MWC Barcelona 2023.

Earlier this year, Telefonica president and CEO Jose Maria Alvarez-Pallete likened the impact of the programme to the introduction of roaming services, while Singtel Group CEO Yuen Kuan Moon praised the potential of the standardised approach to unlock fresh revenue streams.