Samsung pledged to investigate issues with its Galaxy Fold device flagged by reviewers, The Wall Street Journal reported, ahead of its planned launch in the US next week.

A Samsung representative told the publication a “limited number” of phones had problems and the company was going to “thoroughly inspect these units in person to determine the cause”, adding there is no change to the release date.

Some reviewers accidentally peeled off the top layer of the Galaxy Fold’s display, thinking it was a protective cover, causing the device to malfunction. Samsung said consumers will be given clear warning to not remove the top layer.

Concerns with the $1,980 device’s hinge and flickering screens were also reported, although not all reviewers reported issues.

Reports state Samsung swiftly filled order books for the Galaxy Fold after opening the process in the US last week, albeit supplies remain limited at this stage.

While the company was the first mainstream manufacturer to announce a foldable device, rival Huawei was hot on its heels with the Mate X.

Gartner tipped foldable devices to remain a niche segment of the smartphone market for years to come, despite fanfare surrounding their potential to drive innovation in the sector.