MWC SHANGHAI 2021: Device maker Oppo unveiled a fast charging initiative in partnership with a host of vertical players, in a bid to bring the technology to a greater number of consumers and devices globally.

Oppo partnered with automobile maker FAW-Volkswagen, portable device company Anker and chip manufacturer NXP Semiconductors to deliver technology based on the smartphone company’s VOOC flash charging offering.

The vendor explained each partner will work on technical designs developed by the company, which has already applied for more than 2,950 flash charging patents worldwide and received more than 1,400.

FAW Volkswagen will use the charging IP to incorporate rapid charging into cars made in China and NXP aims to implement Oppo’s patents across its printed circuit board assemblies, enabling the technology to be be integrated into automotive appliances, public spaces and industrial settings.

Anker will use it to bring flash charging to its range of products.

Technology certification laboratory China Telecommunication Technology Laboratory (CTTL) will test and certify any partner products made with VOOC flashing charging technology.

Adler Feng, senior director of IP at Oppo, said the initiative was “a vital step in freeing consumers to use their devices however they want, no matter what they want, no matter what they need to do or where in the world they are”.

VOOC was launched in 2014 and is available on more than 30 smartphone models.