Huawei rebranded its premium smartphone range from P-series to Pura, a move it claims upgrades the range’s concept and offerings, along with unveiling a video teaser for its next flagship which will be released imminently.

On the Chinese vendor’s Weibo social media account, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei Consumer Devices, revealed the rebranding follows investment in R&D to improve customer experience and push for better products.

Chengdong particularly highlighted the range’s premium mobile imaging capabilities and noted the P-series “has led the industry’s design trends one after another, bringing technological aesthetics to new heights” since its launch in 2012.

The Pura rebranding, Chengdong added, will introduce more a “unique and modern aesthetic design” and solidify Huawei’s focus on investing in mobile photography features.

Huawei also teased the upcoming release of what will be known as the Pura 70, the next flagship under the high-end series, though no images or specs of the smartphone were disclosed in the video.

Leaks circulating online showed the new device will boast a sleek design and a so-called triangular camera island, which fits a trio of lenses.

News outlet Huawei Central speculated the Pura 70 will enter the market soon without any launch event.

There are also rumours the device will be powered by a China-made chipset like the Mate 60 series, which helped to reduce iPhone sales in China earlier this year.