Apple launched its highly-anticipated Vision Pro headset in the US alongside 600 apps designed specifically for the device, marking the beginning of what the company claims is the spatial computing era.

The $3,499 headset is now available on Apple’s website and at physical stores across its home market, and the company noted in a statement its retail launch is complemented by a guided demo showcasing the headset’s ability to blend digital content with the physical world. 

Apple’s app store offers more than 1 million apps compatible with Vision Pro and more than 600 apps have been built for the device. The hardware runs visionOS and also comes with its own marketplace offering spatial computing experiences. 

Providing more detail, the company stated Vision Pro allows apps to “scale beyond the boundaries of a traditional display” as users can seamlessly navigate its digital experience with eyes, hands and voice.

Apps designed for Vision Pro include those offering immersive content streaming experience and workplace apps which enable 3D multitasking, and Apple VP of worldwide developer relations, Susan Prescott, said users can now “discover a wide array of apps that expand the boundaries of what’s possible”. 

Major move 
Vision Pro marks Apple’s first major product launch since its smartwatch in 2015, although it has had challenges on the way due to production issues linked to assembling the headset’s complex design. 

“Apple’s focus around deftly blending the digital and real world brings a new category into the XR mix. Spatial computing, as Apple positions it, brings with it the start of a whole new platform,” founder of PP Foresight Paolo Pescatore told Mobile World Live.

“This provides a much-needed boost and is expected to reignite interest in the market. If anyone can kickstart demand for this segment, then Apple can.”

Pescatore added the launch represents a phased approach. “Expect the device to be progressively rolled out into new markets during the course of the year,” he added.