Contract manufacturer Foxconn reportedly commenced production of the next iPhone model in a factory in southern India, as it continues to shift manufacturing to other markets and reduce its reliance on China.

In a sign India is closing the gap with China, Bloomberg wrote a factory in Sriperumbudur is working to ship the latest handset model just weeks after Foxconn’s facilities in China began shipments.

Apple is likely to release the iPhone 15 in September.

TF International Securities analyst Kuo Ming-Chi said in late 2022 Apple aims to move 40 per cent to 45 per cent of iPhone assembly to India, compared with a single-digit figure in 2022.

On an earnings call, Foxconn chair Liu Young explained while its focus in India is currently on assembly, it aims to produce key components for consumer electronics devices to raise its competitiveness in the country.

Bloomberg previously reported Foxconn plans to invest an additional $500 million in component factories in the state of Karnataka, one of which is expected to focus on iPhone parts.

Apple began assembling its iPhone 13  in Tamil Nadu in early 2022, its fourth device to be put together in India.