Microsoft faced almost immediate regulatory scrutiny of the Recall memory function included in its freshly unveiled Copilot+ PCs, with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) pressing the company for details of privacy features.

An ICO representative stated the regulator contacted Microsoft seeking more information on how the Recall function works.

The body wants to “understand the safeguards in place to protect user privacy”, the representative said.

Microsoft pitched Recall as a way to virtually access “what you have seen or done on your PC in a way that feels like having photographic memory”.

BBC News reported the system employs screenshots as one element in delivering the service, noting this could have ramifications when confidential or proprietary information is involved.

The US software giant emphasised all information remains on the PC and users have control over what details are retained and timeframes covered, along with the option to disable the system.

Nevertheless, the ICO has concerns over transparency of the process in terms of how people’s data is used.

The representative said the body expects organisations to “only process personal data to the extent that it is necessary to achieve a specific purpose”.

“Industry must consider data protection from the outset and rigorously assess and mitigate risks to peoples’ rights and freedoms before bringing products to market”.