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OnePlus on track for US operator backing

20 AUG 2018

OnePlus prepared to launch a smartphone in the US with support from operator T-Mobile US, giving it one-up on rival Huawei which struggled to secure backing in the market against a backdrop of concern over Chinese vendors.

Citing “several people familiar with the launch plans”, CNET reported OnePlus will deliver a specific version of its OnePlus 6T smartphone optimised for the T-Mobile network. This is likely to include 600MHz LTE compatibility, but will mean the device must also undergo a rigorous technical approvals process with the operator.

An unlocked version of OnePlus 6T will also be available through open market channels in the US.

While OnePlus is yet to announce OnePlus 6T, it typically updates its flagship models during the second half of the year. The device is likely to be an incremental upgrade refreshing the existing smartphone.

It had been expected earlier this year that Huawei would secure an operator partnership for one of its current high-end flagships, with the Mate 10 set to debut at AT&T. But the deal fell through, and since then Huawei and its peer ZTE have seen continued tough times in the US market.

With US/China relations hardly smooth, it is unclear how OnePlus would slip under the radar, although its lower profile than Huawei and ZTE may not be doing it any harm.



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