Amazon Web Services (AWS) detailed plans to build new data centres in the US state of Indiana, part of an $11 billion investment which it claimed is the largest injection of capital into the region ever.

The company stated its move will create at least 1,000 new jobs in the territory, with the investment including a $7 million commitment to improving road infrastructure and the areas surrounding the data centres.

Roger Wehner, AWS director of economic development, explained the move taps into a “burgeoning tech sector” in the state.

In addition to job creation, the investment will advance AWS “educational initiatives”, he said.

This includes creating a fund to develop targeted STEAM initiatives for schools along with skills training programmes.

AWS is investing heavily in its home market to maintain an edge in the cloud sector: in 2023 it detailed a $35 billion investment in data centres in the state of Virginia.

The company noted its latest move advances a long-term commitment to Indiana which has seen it invest $21.5 billion since 2010.