InterDigital forged a fresh patent licence agreement with Samsung Electronics, which joined an InterDigital-Sony licensing programme giving its rights to certain Wi-Fi, video codec and ATSC 3.0 assets.

The deal brings InterDigital access to Samsung’s digital TVs and computer display monitors.

InterDigital chief licensing officer Eeva Hakoranta stated the agreement “is another example of a deal achieved as a result of negotiation and is another important step in our licensing of the consumer electronics industry”.

News service Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) reported the companies continue to work on a renewal of a deal covering mobile patents.

InterDigital told the Securities and Exchange Commission on 1 January the pair agreed to arbitration to establish the royalties Samsung would pay for a worldwide licence for certain patents along with settling terms they are unable to agree.

Last week, InterDigital renewed a patent licence with Panasonic covering its high-efficiency video coding technology, a deal also covered by its joint programme with Sony.