Lenovo discontinued its gaming-focused Legion smartphone line, stating the move was part of a wider business transformation and gaming portfolio consolidation.

In a statement to Mobile World Live, the electronics company reiterated its commitment to the broader gaming category, which it also uses the Legion brand in.

“As a leader in gaming devices and solutions, Lenovo is committed to advancing the gaming category across form-factors, as well as focusing on where it can bring the most value to the global gaming.”

Lenovo last launched a Legion-branded smartphone in 2022 having first brought the brand into the mobile market in 2020.

Its devices in the range featured hardware and software features specifically designed for immersive and lengthy gaming sessions, including cooling technology to make the device easier to hold for long periods.

The company continues to use the Legion brand across other gaming devices and accessories including laptops, desktop PCs and monitors. It also releases phones under the Motorola brand.