SK Telecom (SKT), MediaTek and start-up Nota AI developed AI-based device technology to reduce smartphone power use, addressing what the operator stated is a key influence on customer experience.

The technology predicts when data transmission is set to occur to maintain an optimal connection status between a smartphone and the base station.

In a statement, SKT noted battery life is “an important factor” in customer experience.

The companies explained they reduced the size of an AI model using various techniques to enable low-latency and -power operation on smartphone modems.

They verified the so-called lightweight model was able to secure a level of prediction accuracy in real time, translating into smartphone power savings.

The companies explained the modem will maintain a connection between the device and the base station if a prediction indicates data is likely to be transmitted, but will disconnect if not.

SKT stated smartphones generally transmit and receive data when connected to the base station, but often stay connected for some time after the process is completed in case more information is transferred, resulting in a “non-negligible consumption of power”.

The operator said it would continue efforts to improve the technology by “advancing AI models and conducting tests for network interworking”.