OnePlus recommenced sales of a range of smartphones on its German website after a pause of more than a year, a move made shortly after sister company Oppo settled a long-running patent dispute with Nokia.

The company is currently listing six smartphones including its mid-tier Nord range and foldable Open, and is taking advance orders for its forthcoming flagship device.

OnePlus continued to sell accessories in the country during the ban on its smartphones.

The vendor’s smartphone line was removed from the market in 2022 after a court ruled in favour of Nokia in one of a number of legal battles being fought across Europe between the Finnish company and Oppo, which shares parent company BBK Electronics with OnePlus.

As the legal action rumbled on, there had been rumours both Chinese brands would abandon Europe completely, claims later denied by the pair in a joint statement.

Last week, Nokia signed a patent agreement with Oppo which resolved all pending litigation between the companies.

While OnePlus handsets are back on sale in Germany, Oppo’s website still has a notice stating there is no product information available, adding various smartphones were unavailable in the country.