Meta Platforms teased a scheme to launch an education product later this year for its mixed reality Quest devices, representing another step in CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to build out the metaverse.

Nick Clegg, president, global affairs for Meta Platforms, explained in a blog post the education product’s name and features will be announced in the coming months and that it will be available across Quest for Business supported markets.

Meta Platforms is targeting students as young as 13 for the new offering while pitching it as an easier method for students to learn and practice new skills by using the metaverse “to visit places or experience things that would otherwise be impossible”.

The technology will allow teachers, trainers and administrators to access a range of education-specific apps and features and make it possible for them to manage multiple Quest devices at the same time.

Clegg added the new product is the result of consultation and collaboration with educators, researchers and third-party developers working in the sector.

Zuckerberg remains committed to building the metaverse despite mounting losses. In Q4 2023, Meta Platforms Reality Labs, which is tasked with building the metaverse, posted an operating loss of $4.6 billion, up from a loss of $3.2 billion in the comparable period of 2022.

Meta Platforms is also facing mounting criticism and legal action both domestically and abroad over a perceived lack of protection for younger users on Facebook and Instagram.