Resilient precise time synchronization is fundamental for 5G networks to operate, and GNSS/GPS is traditionally the most commonly used sync source. However, the current global geopolitical landscape is affecting the reliance of GNSS, and disruptions and outages through jamming and spoofing are becoming a recurrent phenomenon. Treating 5G as critical infrastructure and addressing the above issues was a priority early on in Sweden and authorities have mandated regulatory requirements on all Swedish 5G operators to not solely rely on GNSS for their synchronization.

Join us in this webinar as we delve into steps Sweden has taken to secure national resilience for 5G infrastructure by guaranteeing reliable synchronization independent of foreign sources. We will reflect on opportunities and challenges when distributing time sync throughout a nationwide network and discuss how it is possible to distribute time sync on top of existing IP/MPLS network, also when there is leased capacity in the network.