Deutsche Telekom outlined plans to demonstrate a visionary AI concept at MWC Barcelona 2024 in the form of an app-free smartphone, developed in partnership with Qualcomm and

In a statement, the operator explained it developed a concept in which an AI assistant replaces the countless apps on a smartphone.

The system will work like a concierge that “understands your goals and takes care of the details”.

In practice, voice commands will instruct the intelligent assistant to conduct tasks, with planning trips, shopping, or creating video and editing photos cited as examples.

It is also creating an interface whereby AI could predict a user’s next task.

With regards to the technology, Deutsche Telekom said it’s generative interface is powered by, and the technology will be located in the cloud, meaning it is accessible on entry-level smartphones.

For the showcase, it integrated real-life use cases into its T Phone. However, it also pitched a more premium experience, with plans to demonstrate another version of an AI smartphone powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Reference Design, meaning all processing is done on device to provide a faster, more efficient offering.

At MWC24, the trio stated they will show prototypes, but added it will take time until an app-free smartphone is available to customers.

Ben Wood, CMO at CCS Insight, welcomed the concept. “As expected, AI is going to be a prominent theme at the show.”

“The challenge is going to be understanding what is adding value and what is AI-rinsing.”