Philippines-based Globe Telecom established a group to lead its adoption of AI technology and created the position of chief AI officer (CAIO).

Globe Telecom’s current CISO Anton Bonifacio was appointed CAIO to lead the AI Development and Enablement (AIDE) Group. He will hold both positions concurrently when the new unit commences operations on 1 June.

President and CEO Ernest Cu explained in a statement the AIDE Group will spearhead initiatives to improve business operations, service delivery and customer experience.

Cu added the emergence of AI “signals a pivotal shift, promising to revolutionise the way we do business and serve our customers”.

While Globe Telecom has ongoing AI initiatives, he said it is “imperative that we move forward with unified intent” to “navigate these new technological frontiers swiftly”.

The operator began using AI to support customer care and credit scoring in 2023.

More organisations are adding a CAIO role as they formulate AI agendas.

Dell named a veteran to the position in September 2023 and South Korean operator SK Telecom appointed a chief AI global officer in April 2023 as it pursues a strategy to employ the technology to reshape its business and customer relationships.