Apple opened the sale of self-repair kits to US iPhone users and revealed plans to expand the facility to consumers in Europe before the end of this year, the latest move by a major smartphone manufacturer to improve its sustainability credentials.

In a statement, Apple revealed the service was now available, having announced it in 2021. In addition to a European launch, it plans to eventually offer it in other markets.

Apple is selling more than 200 individual parts and tools, alongside manuals in a dedicated online store.

Consumers will be able to repair iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and the third generation of its iPhone SE devices, including replacing batteries, screens and cameras.

The vendor indicated the kits were suitable for “customers who are experienced with the complexities of repairing electronic devices”. It claims the items are available at the same price as it sells them to authorised third parties fixing devices.

For users likely to only conduct a single repair, it is offering a tool rental service priced at $49.

Apple is not the only smartphone manufacturer pushing self-repair with Google and Samsung announcing plans to open similar schemes in recent weeks.

Moves from the manufacturers come as regulators in a number of markets press for measures such as increasing device repair options to cut electronic waste.