Sustainability-focused manufacturer Fairphone launched a pair of earbuds claimed to address issues which often lead to similar devices being disposed of.

The company brought the same approach to earphones and accessories as its smartphones, with which it focuses on using recycled materials and repairability.

Its fresh to market Fairbuds are described as “next-generation true wireless earbuds”, claimed to be a “unique product in a market where most earbuds often feel disposable”.

They are said to combine premium sound features including noise cancellation with the ability to replace multiple different parts across the device and case. This includes the ability to order a single bud.

Among the replaceable elements are the batteries and the recharging case.

Fairphone cited decreasing battery life as “one of the major reasons that people discard working earbuds”.

The company markets the product as having long-term spare part availability and a three year warranty.

Between the Fairbuds and associated charging case, they contain 70 per cent “recycled and fair materials”, with 100 per cent recycled rare earth elements used in production.

Fairphone CEO Reinier Hendriks said the company was “leading the industry by example yet again”.

The buds are priced at €149 and are available now.

Fairphone’s latest product is not its first foray into the audio segment.

Its over-ear FairbudsXL have been available since 2023, while its True Wireless Stereo Earbuds were launched in 2021 before being discontinued in 2023.