HTC announced rollout details of its delayed One smartphone, claiming it has seen “unprecedented demand for and interest” in the device.

The company unveiled its new flagship late last month, and the device will be crucial in the company’s attempts to reverse a long period of uninspiring financial performances.

HTC said that the One will be available in the UK, Germany and Taiwan “next week”, and across Europe, North America and most of Asia-Pacific before the end of April.

However, this will mean that it is competing in the market against Samsung’s recently-unveiled Galaxy S4, which is set to build on the South Korean vendor’s momentum in the premium Android space.

According to a Wall Street Journal report last week, HTC is facing struggles managing its component supplies, as falling device volume has meant that it is no longer seen as a “tier-one customer” among its suppliers.

This is especially significant for premium devices, which use high-end components that are likely to be both costly and in-demand.

The WSJ said that in the case of the HTC One, the issue is related to the device’s metal casing and camera parts.

In a statement, HTC said that “the care taken to design and build [One] is evidenced in early reviews”.

At the time of its launch, HTC said that the One marks its “biggest launch ever”, supported by more than 185 operators and retailers in more than 80 markets.