Telefonica stretched out its partnership with Google Cloud by three years as part of a plan to accelerate its digital transformation and explore collaboration across areas such as AI and data services.

With the new agreement, Telefonica Tech will expand the range of Google Cloud services it offers to businesses across Spain.

The operator will also use Google Cloud’s products and services “to host network functions under a telco cloud approach,” and improve its network operations with automation.

Within Telefonica internally, Google Cloud will aim to advance its digital transformation efforts by leveraging technologies in areas such as IT through the cloud provider’s “Go to Cloud” programme.

With Google Cloud, Telefonica stated it has accelerated the transformation of its own operations systems by improving application deployment times and optimising infrastructure.

Telefonica will explore a set of projects with Google Cloud on previously agreed areas including generative AI, machine learning operations, accelerated computing infrastructure for AI, Web3, blockchain, quantum, and edge computing.

Google partnered with the Spanish operator in 2020 to expand its cloud footprint. It also has a long history of working with Google rival Microsoft.