The Dutch government presented its vision for generative AI, pledging to invest more than €200 million to foster local investment while throwing its support behind provisional European Union (EU) AI Act legislation.

The government stated its National Growth Fund will provide €204.5 million to a new programme tasked with launching public-private partnerships, ensuring the use of responsible generative AI applications in specific government services and establishing a dedicated team to assess current usage.

In addition, the government declared it would begin to adhere to the EU’s landmark AI Act, announced in December 2023, even though the law is yet to be formally enacted or finalised.

Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations of Netherlands representative Thomas van Oortmerssen explained the government wanted to “start dealing with what we know instead of waiting for final answers”, adding businesses would benefit from regulatory clarity.

Other aims of the vision include ensuring AI is at the service of human wellbeing and autonomy, and contributes to sustainability and prosperity.

Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy Micky Adriaansens added it is essential the Netherlands does not remain on the sidelines when it comes to AI, noting “Asia and the US have already taken the lead and Europe will have to catch up”.