The US Navy roped T-Mobile US in as the latest service provider on Spiral 4, a $2.7 billion programme designed to propel the nation’s military wireless communications capabilities over the next decade.

T-Mobile explained Spiral 4 enables Department of Defence (DoD) agencies to procure wireless services and equipment. Its involvement will primarily be in providing 5G services covering voice, data, fixed wireless access (FWA), IoT and management.

The operator noted the deployment of advanced 5G services and the launch of a government focused FWA programme as key steps since it began participating in the DoD’s previous Spiral 3 programme in 2017.

Verizon and EchoStar were named as Spiral 4 suppliers last month.

Spiral 4 launched in May after its previous iteration ended. At the time, the DoD explained the programme covered the purchase of unclassified wireless mobility telecommunications services and devices, with operator deals of one year and an option of nine further annual renewals.

The set up offers “firm fixed price task orders for all new purchases”, the DoD stated.

Washington Technology reported the previous Spiral 3 programme resulted in AT&T netting a total of around $397 million, Verizon $370 million and T-Mobile $115 million, “substantially all” of the $993 million available, of which the US Navy appropriated around 89 per cent.