Handset manufacturer Oppo revealed an internally-developed imaging chip for upcoming devices and detailed a challenge for a slice of the smart eyewear market during the first day of an annual product event.

The two-day Oppo Inno Day 2021 showcases its upcoming products and new technologies. The first day centred on details of its MariSilicon X imaging NPU chip and forthcoming Oppo Air Glass eyewear.

Oppo noted development of the chip was due to hardware from third parties lacking the computing power to maximise the AI algorithms it wanted to use in processing images taken by its smartphones.

The company claims its design has best-in-class power efficiency, ultra-high dynamic range, enhanced RGBW Pro mode and real-time raw processing.

Air Glass
Joining attempts to push a resurgence of smart glasses as a consumer propositon, Oppo uncovered its upcoming product in the space.

Oppo Air Glass is set to launch in mainland China in Q1 2022 and takes the form of a single lens with an arm for behind the ear. It will be available with a custom full frame it slides on the top of.

The manufacturer’s director of XR technology Xu Yi (pictured) claimed the “light and nimble design” contained one of the smallest projectors ever made to deliver images onto the glass.

It runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 chipset, has a touchbar on the arm to control apps, Bluetooth compatibility, speakers and dual microphones. It can also use a range of touchless controls including the opening of a notification with a nod or dismissal of one by shaking the head.

Xu claimed the device was “the future of extended reality” adding “we believe that it will become the third screen in our lives after the smartphone and smartwatch”.

Use cases suggested include viewing of messages, live translation, navigation and as a teleprompter for speeches. On release the device will be able to translate Chinese to English or Japanese, with South Korean the next language scheduled to be added. Pricing was not revealed.

On day two of the event tomorrow (15 December), Oppo will reveal its first foldable phone, the Oppo Find N.