Snap launched its Minis feature to Snapchat users globally, bringing the platform closer to rival offerings by letting customers use an array of services without exiting the app.

In a statement, the company said the addition was being rolled out on iOS and Android today (20 July) across all of its markets.

Snapchat users are now able to access meditation app Headspace; learning tool Flashcards; Prediction Master quizzes; and Let’s Do It, a Snap-developed system for making plans with friends.

Minis, which was unveiled as part of a broader features announcement at the Snap Partner Summit on 11 June, allows developers to integrate their offerings directly into the messaging app.

The move resembles China-based WeChat, which offers multiple services including messaging, news content, e-commerce and payments within the core application.

TechCrunch reported the in-app integration model was also introduced in India by digital payment company PhonePe and mobile wallet company Paytm.

Facebook also initiated steps towards boosting user engagement by offering in-app features within its services, including Instagram’s shopping feature Checkout and WhatsApp’s integration of in-app catalogues by businesses.