While network coverage has expanded to more than 90% of the global population, the coverage gap remains a sticking point. Within the offline population, approximately 550 million people live outside or on the edge of the range of a 3G/4G network. This gap is the major driver of telecoms operators in search of satellite partnerships. The consumer, enterprise and government segments are all in play for operators using satellite-enabled connectivity. Join us to explore the growing demand for satellite connectivity, the emerging potential of satellite networks in revolutionizing global connectivity and the telco-satellite partnerships that are reshaping the competitive dynamics within the satellite industry, with 2024 a potential tipping point year for commercial launches.


  • Strategic priorities for satellite integration in mobile networks
  • Technological advances for ubiquitous, smart enabled connectivity
  • A new path to cloud-based applications, waveforms and services
  • Impact of satellite connectivity for consumer, IoT, disaster and emergency response and defense