Games developer Gameloft says it has sold more than 20 million paid-for games from Apple’s App Store since it opened in July 2008. It said that of the 47 iPhone and iPad games it has launched since the start of the year, 42 reached the “top five” for games, with 25 reaching the number one position. It has developed and published 100 games since the App Store was launched, with 15 more set for a debut before the end of 2010. Its latest titles also show it is bolstering its iPad catalogue: of the 47 titles released this year, 29 have been for the new device, and 18 for the iPhone. The company says that “the launch of the iPad and iPhone 4 has opened new horizons for developers and allowed us once again to transform our consumers gaming experience.”

PocketGamer notes that for all of Gameloft’s success, it has yet to announce a “million seller” for iOS, having achieved its impressive sales total using a portfolio of titles. This compares with some boutique publishers such as Rovio, which has achieved nearly seven million iOS sales with a single title – Angry Birds. Gameloft may have a million-seller on its books, though, opting not to announce a “flagship title,” although the announcement of 20 million sales would seem a sensible place to have named a break-out success. The report also says that Gameloft does not traditionally price its products at the “bargain” end of the range, meaning it performs especially well in terms of revenue from sales.

According to a recent Distimo report, Gameloft is the top cross-store mobile app publisher, with 352 products available across stores – it is best represented on BlackBerry App World, where it has 140 titles available. Distimo also puts Gameloft at number five in the “top grossing publishers” chart for the App Store for iPhone, behind gaming rivals EA, and PopCap Games, and Apple itself, although the company only has one title in the top-ten paid-for iPhone products – The Oregon Trail (US$4.99).