Netcracker Technology moved to address what it believes is a weakness in current satellite communications business cases, unveiling a cloud-native digitalisation product to handle integration with fixed and mobile networks, service orchestration and SLA management.

The Netcracker Digital Satellite product targets low Earth orbit (LEO) and geostationary Earth orbit (GEO) birds which the company states are not currently set up for the challenges of delivering dynamic communications services or being deeply integrated with fixed, 4G and 5G networks.

Netcracker Technology explained its product offers “real-time service inventory and topology, multi-domain service orchestration, dynamic SLA management” and top-tier AI assurance to ensure “optimal service quality” over space-based and terrestrial networks.

The set-up includes a digital BSS element covering configuration, self-service options, and “flexible charging and billing schemes”, among other features. The company added the cloud-based approach offers scale and agility, while AI helps “maximise service quality” and keep costs optimal.

Netcracker Technology CTO Bob Titus explained its satellite service provider customers had cited challenges “around delivering premium services with guaranteed SLAs”.

The executive said the product aims to help satellite companies “rapidly bring new offers to market” and change the nature of their customer engagement.