Telecom Italia’s enterprise unit contributed an XR platform to create an interactive tourist service in the city of Bologna which offers the chance to learn about the life, times and work of Guglielmo Marconi, the so-called father of wireless.

The VisitAR Bologna app for Android and iOS devices was unveiled today (7 June), offering visitors and locals a multimedia guide to Marconi’s home city. The system uses geolocation to provide AR content on two routes through the city, one covering the wireless telegraph pioneer and the other musical legends including Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who studied in the city.

Telecom Italia stated the app shows users 100 points of interest, with details provided in Italian – or English-language text, audio and video, along with animations and 3D models to provide a “more engaging and compelling” experience.

The operator explained the app is the latest innovation developed under CTE COBO, a “wide-ranging technology transfer centre for emerging technologies related to 5G”, which is jointly funded by the city and the Italian government.

TIM Enterprise is a technology partner of the project, providing expertise on deploying “complex IoT and 5G projects” on infrastructure employing the next-generation mobile technology along with edge computing.