CES 2021: LG Electronics president and CTO Il-Pyung Park shed light on the planned launch of a smartphone with a rollable display in 2021, arguing partnerships on content and services are increasingly as important as form factor.

In a dedicated session, Park revealed LG plans to add a smartphone with a display that can expand to the size of a tablet, which the vendor hopes to have “out in the market early this year”.

“It really is about redefining and reshaping experiences. In fact, I will say that’s the whole point of rollable display technology, achieving this incredible level of versatility in form factor.”

The CTO noted LG already offers rollable displays in other products including its Signature OLED R TV and smart vehicle cabin concept design.

But Park added the company will “need to work with everyone” to deliver new consumer experiences on the smartphone.

In October 2020, the vendor launched the LG Wing, a smartphone with a swivel screen.

The model was the first produced by its Explorer Project, a programme designed to deliver innovative form factors as LG seeks to revitalise its mobile unit.

LG Wing adds to the dual-screen LG G8X ThinQ and V50 ThinQ 5G unveiled during 2019.