Xreal Technology complemented its AR glasses with a new apps controller, the Beam Pro, which comes in the form of a handheld device designed to project 3D content into a viewer’s eyeline through spatial computing.

The Beam Pro is an upgrade to Xreal Beam, a screenless adaptor which can be connected to a range of devices through a USB-C or HDMI cable to enable 3D spatial viewing.

Unlike its predecessor, the Beam Pro sports a form factor resembling a smartphone, complete with a dual 50MP camera for users to capture or record “spatial videos” in high quality.

Xreal promoted the device as the first AR device that comes with Google Play Store apps, enabling users to browse or stream content in 3D spatial environments.

In terms of specs, the Beam Pro features a 6.5-inch display with up to 90Hz refresh rate and low latency. It runs on Snapdragon spatial companion processor and an in-house NebulaOS based on Android 14.

The Beam Pro supports Wi-Fi 6 and contains a 4300mAh bat tery, alongside a dual USB ports for charging and glasses plug-in.

It comes in a 128GB and 256GB version with a price tag of $199 and $249, respectively, with shipping estimated to start in mid-July.