Device and operating system vendor Murena launched a crowdfunding campaign as it looks to push forward with developing products positioned as providing enhanced privacy and digital freedom on smartphones.

The French company sells its own handsets and versions of other manufacturer’s devices containing its own open source operating system as an alternative to Google’s Android. Its device maker partners include ethically-focused manufacturer Fairphone.

Murena claims its operating system, named /e/OS, provides privacy features unavailable on devices running standard Android, due to its software not sending any data to Google.

It added “most” Android apps could be installed through its App Lounge, though it provides a privacy rating ahead of download and its OS has various inbuilt features designed to protect user data.

The company’s funding round, launched on Friday, had attracted more than €607,000 by this morning (25 June).  

Murena currently targets the consumer market but plans to expand into the B2B segment later this year.