Ethical manufacturer Fairphone launched its latest handset, highlighting extended device repairability and improvements to sustainable manufacturing efforts.

In a release, the brand stated Fairphone 5 comes with an extended repairability option compared to its predecessor, including the availability of camera replacement parts, SD and SIM card slots within its range of components.

It also highlighted improvements in support, noting the smartphone can withstand at least five software and security updates after Android 13 and that it can run smoothly until 2031, with an extension for eight to ten more years.

The device came with a five-year warranty.

Fairphone 5 runs on Qualcomm’s QCM6490 5G chipset designed for “enterprise-grade hardware”, which the phone-maker claimed supports premium features including Wi-Fi 6E compatibility, advanced camera systems and AI capabilities enabling a more powerful performance than previous models.

In terms of specs, Fairphone 5 boasts a 6.46-inch OLED display with up to 90Hz refresh rate, supporting more than 1 billion colours. Its main, ultra-wide and front-facing cameras come with a 50MP Sony sensor.

The company noted the smartphone sports a lighter form factor than Fairphone 4.

It packs a 4200mAh battery with a capacity for over 1000 charging cycles.

Fairphone claimed more than 70 per cent of the device’s materials comes from recycled or ethically-mined sources.

Fairphone 5 has a 256GB internal storage and will be available for pre-order starting today at the company’s website and selected partners at a retail price of €699.