Apple expanded its self-repair programme to include MacBook Pro and iMac models powered by M3 chips announced in 2023, while announcing a plan to make its remote diagnostic tool available to customers with those devices.

The self-repair programme allows customers access to the tools, parts and repair manuals they need to fix their devices from Apple’s self-repair website.

Apple first launched self-repair kits in the US in April 2022, before rolling it out to eight countries in Europe in December of the same year.

The company stated the self-repair programme is part of an effort to expand consumer access to repairs, which “plays an important role in extending products’ longevity, which is good for users and good for the planet”, it stated.

The tech giant first introduced the diagnostic tool for iPhone and Mac devices late last year.

The tool enables users to test devices to ensure “optimal part functionality and performance”, and to identify parts that may need repair.

The company stated its also streamlining the system configuration process for all Mac models to make it more efficient.

The updated process no longer requires those users to contact the company’s self-service repair support team to run the final step of a repair. However, it noted “the team will still be available to assist as needed”.

The new system configuration process will be available early next month in the countries where self-service repair is supported.