Telecom Italia and its partners flew remotely piloted aircrafts using 5G to measure mobile coverage in Turin in Italy, which the operator claimed will make the city the first in Europe with a drone-ready network.

“For the very first time in Europe drones have risen dozens of times in the air to measure the mobile coverage up to the maximum operating height in three different city areas,” Telecom Italia said in a statement.

The trial was coordinated with the support of the Turin Polytechnic University and enterprise drones solution provider Seikey.

Public safety, critical infrastructure monitoring and land protection are some examples TIM gave of drone applications that will benefit from a high quality connection to send data and videos in real time.

“The activities carried out with the involvement of local institutions and national bodies represent an important step in the development of an increasingly secure, low-latency and ultra-broadband network infrastructure,” said Elisabetta Romano, Telecom Italia’s CTO.

Back in September, Telecom Italia became the latest operator to declare a 5G first, stating it had switched on Europe’s first antenna compliant with the latest 3GPP specifications in San Marino.