T-Mobile US CTO John Saw claimed it was the first in the nation to use 5G network slicing for remote video production on a commercial network after supplying a diving competition hosted by energy drink brand Red Bull two months ago.

In a blog, Saw stated T-Mobile paired a hybrid network from its 5G Advanced Network Solution (ANS) with its standalone network to boost broadcasting capability at a cliff diving event held in June which attracted around 20,000 visitors.

Saw noted the audience uploaded pictures and videos at the event without interfering with Red Bull’s production.

The network slice provided the broadcast team faster data rates in the uplink to transfer high-resolution content from cameras and a drone to the production team.

Saw claimed rates of up to 276Mb/s.

“With an increase in demand straining limited spectrum resources, network slicing allows us to ensure that critical communication needs are met without having to build excessive capacity scaled to meet extreme loads.”

He also stated high levels of interest in a beta trial for developers unveiled earlier this month.