US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chair Jessica Rosenworcel appointed the leaders of a committee charged with developing proposals for the ITU’s next World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC), tapping-up experts from Intel and Eutelsat OneWeb.

In a statement, Rosenworcel announced the advisory group would be chaired by Intel VP policy and regulatory affairs Jayne Stancavage, with VP spectrum engineering and strategy at Eutelsat OneWeb Kimberly Baum appointed vice chair.

Alongside her role at Intel, Stancavage is on the boards of the Open RAN Policy Coalition and US Telecommunications Training Institute. She is also a member of the Global mobile Suppliers Association executive committee.

The Intel executive and Baum have each contributed to the FCC’s advisory groups on previous iterations of the WRC.  

Led by the pair, the group will provide the US regulator with advice and technical support, and recommend proposals for the WRC set to be held in 2027.

Rosenworcel described the next WRC as an “opportunity to promote US leadership in the growing space economy, as well as in next-generation communications services”, with the advisory group set to “help develop strong proposals for the conference”.