Nokia expanded its ruggedised line with 5G-capable handhelds, designed to enhance safety and keep workers connected over private networks in hazardous and industrial environments.

The vendor noted in a statement the equipment was specifically tailored for use in high-risk facilities such as mines, ports, chemical plants and offshore oil platforms.

Nokia stated it has developed a pair of explosion-proof phones in collaboration with German manufacturer MOBIL. The devices can be safely deployed in hazardous areas including those with risk of explosive gas or vapour.

All the 5G handhelds feature dual-SIM and e-SIM capabilities with exchangeable batteries, and users can customise keys to set a dedicated push-to-talk button, enabling workers to communicate without having to remove safety equipment such as gloves and helmets.

The devices use Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud platform and come with application bundles including device management, allowing work administrators to apply group policies and scale management to the entire device fleet.

Applications include Nokia Teams Comms, which has been updated recently to include an option to stream video and create group calls.