Huawei struck separate global patent cross-licensing agreements with Amazon and Chinese handset company Vivo, deals the vendor believes represents mutual recognition of the value of IP between companies.

The Chinese vendor stated the multi-year deal with Amazon resolves pending litigation between the pair, which involved lawsuits in Germany over patented technology related to Wi-Fi and video playback.

Scott Hayden, Amazon VP of IP, said the company respects Huawei’s worldwide patent portfolio, innovations and contributions to the standardisation process.

“Amazon also respects Huawei’s efforts to licence its patents to companies like Amazon, which frequently use industry technical standards when inventing new products and services for customers”.

Huawei head of IP Alan Fan told Reuters the agreement further shows US and Chinese companies can cooperate without limitations in standards and patent licensing, despite tensions between the two countries.

The vendor stated its agreement with Vivo covers standard essential mobile patents, including those for 5G.

In a statement, Fan explained the licensing agreements demonstrates the industry is working together and collectively investing in research. Huawei has similar agreements in place with Xiaomi and Oppo.

Due to the strict confidentially of the agreements, Huawei added it was not able to share any specific financial information.