Meta Platforms revealed its text-based social platform will launch on 6 July, putting it in direct competition with Twitter and ramping rivalry between the companies.

A website set up by Meta Platforms contains a countdown to the launch of the Threads service, with a QR code directing viewers to a preview.

Details Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store show Threads is linked to photo-sharing app Instagram, with users able to log in with the same account and migrate contacts.

A screenshot revealed Threads is similar to Twitter in the way it enables users to like, repost and share content.

An insider with knowledge of Threads’ development previously told Bloomberg Meta Platforms had borrowed and consolidated features from other platforms to fast-track production.

Threads’ arrival comes at a time when Twitter implemented major tweaks to its platform including setting a daily cap on the amount of Tweets users can view and introducing a pay wall for dashboard application TweetDeck.

Chris Cox, chief product officer of Meta Platforms, said earlier this year the company aims to make a conversational app that is “sanely run”, an apparent pot shot at Twitter owner Elon Musk.