The CEO of Google’s AI division DeepMind Demis Hassabis (pictured) reportedly pinned the company’s likely spending on artificial intelligence technology at north of $100 billion.

Reporting from a TED2024 Conference in Vancouver, Canada, Bloomberg claimed the executive indicated it will surpass the figure though also noted he didn’t want to discuss the company’s specific numbers.

The statement about Google’s predicted total spend on the technology “over time” came in response to a question on a reported $100 billion supercomputer cluster plan reportedly in the works by Microsoft and OpenAI.

Dubbed Stargate, news of the Microsoft backed-project was reported by The Information last month and is the latest signal Big Tech is not toning down its spending on AI anytime soon.  

Hassabis is one of the pioneers of the AI industry and co-founded DeepMind, with the start-up bought by Google in 2014.

During his keynote speech at MWC Barcelona 2024, the expert highlighted the much-hyped technology has already done plenty of good in areas such as in medical research. However, he acknowledged in the field of generative AI there is still work to do to before it will reach its true potential.