Huawei reportedly unveiled new products including a premium smartwatch and a new tablet at a launch event but kept silent on the details of the Mate 60 Pro, its new device which garnered global attention due to rumoured 5G capabilities through the use of in-house chips.

Bloomberg reported during the two-hour event the company avoided revealing any details about the Mate 60 Pro, which launched in China in August.

Huawei is yet to identify the chipset or reveal network options in the specifications, and there was speculation it could use this launch event to tell-all.

Consumer boss Richard Yu did however state it would increase smartphone production due to increased demand, and gave a nod to the device by thanking the whole nation for its support of the launch.

Products it did showcase during the event included a gold smartwatch, wireless earbuds which it said does use its in-house Kirin chipset, the MatePad tablet and two smart cars developed in collaboration with local manufacturer Seres and marketed under its Aito brand. The vendor also introduced a premium “Ultimate Design” brand.

The launch event marked the two-year anniversary of rotating chairwoman Meng Wanzhou’s return to China, who was detained in Canada in 2018.