Boost Infinite expanded its reach into the online retail sector by inking a deal with Amazon Prime, charging $25 per month for an unlimited 5G tariff provisioned by a SIM shipped by the online giant.

Parent Dish Network is sweetening the deal by offering customers 20 per cent off the price of the SIM and a $25 credit toward their first monthly bill if they activate within 30 days of signing-up.

Amazon Prime members can bring their own phones, keep their current numbers or get new ones.

There are no minimum line requirements.

Subscribers will be paired with a person to help with questions, set-up and activation.

Wave7 Research principal Jeff Moore told Mobile World Live activating a mobile service is complicated, with most still handled in stores.

He noted Boost Infinite is not currently available in stores, but said it might be made available through Boost Mobile outlets in future.

Amazon moved to streamline the sign-up and activation processes, with registration completed after SIMs are dispatched and services turned on through an app.

Moore added the only point of differentiation Boost Infinite has over competitors is its low price point, which he likened to the approach Sprint took in the post-paid sector albeit without the retail footprint and sales staff it offered.

“It is not sold at national retail and there is only a tiny amount of nascent advertising, so awareness of Boost Infinite is low.”